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Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) Fact Sheet: Managed Care

History in Managed Care

History in Managed Care (from Genter 2014)

  • North America
    • 1874: first record of spotted hyena in a zoological facility
      • Male and female pair at the Philadelphia Zoo

Breeding in zoos (from Genter 2014)

  • No seasonal variation observed
  • Age at first reproduction
    • Typically 4.24-6.54 years for females
  • Oldest recorded age of reproduction
    • Nearly 19 years, male and female

San Diego Zoo Global (from Genter 2014 unless otherwise noted)

  • Historical notes
    • 1934, first spotted hyena to arrive at San Diego Zoo; male and female pair (personal communication T. Giezendanner)
    • 13 cubs born, to different parental pairs, between 1960 and 1966

Turbo and Zephyr

spotted hyenas brothers

Brothers Turbo and Zephyr. Litter mates born in April 1998 to mom Domino and dad Rocco.

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Global. All rights reserved.

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