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Takin (Budorcas spp.) Fact Sheet: Managed Care



  • Both Mishmi (B. t. taxicolor) and Sichuan takins (B. t. tibetana) are bred at San Diego Zoo.
    • First Sichuan takin born outside China at San Diego Zoo in 1989
    • First Mishmi takin born at SDZ in 1993; first birth of this species in Western Hemisphere
    • 53 Sichuan takins born to San Diego Zoo 1989-2006
  • Hybrids have not been described. (Benirschke 2004)

Bottle Feeding Takin Calves

Young takin calves at the San Diego Zoo are bottle fed 3 times per day.

This calf's mother was attentive, but no nursing was observed, so she needed additional care from keepers at the San Diego Zoo's Neonatal Assisted Care Unit.

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Global. All rights reserved.

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