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Takin (Budorcas spp.) Fact Sheet: Reproduction & Development


  •  Males gather with females in rutting season in late summer


  • Females descend to forests or denser vegetation in calving period (Neas & Hoffmann 1987)
  • Birth interval is about one year.

Gestation and Birth


  •  200 to 220 days


  • Weigh 5-7 kg at birth (Penny 1989)
  • One, but occasionally two calves
  • Calf born feet first, then head
  • Female licks calf clean
  • Calf stands and nurses within 30 minutes of birth

Life Stages

Infant (< 1 year old)

  • Can follow mother after 3 days
  • Hair darker than mother's at birth
  • White patch of hair on forehead, with dark stripe running down spine
  • Hair begins to lighten after 1 month
  • Can climb rocks, head butt by 2 weeks
  • By 2 months eats solid food
  • Begin to develop horns by 6 months


  • Young may continue to accompany mother after next calves are born


  •  Sexual maturity of B. t. bedfordi (wild populations):
    • Around 4.5 years for female
    • 5.5 years for males


  •  16-18 years in wild; at least 20 years in managed care (Benirschke 2004)

Mortality and Health

  • Human hunters cause most takin deaths
  • Snares set to kill musk deer and takin often kill giant pandas instead (Macdonald 2001)

Wander and Learn

Takin calf

A takin calf explores its habitat at the San Diego Zoo.

Takin calves can climb and head butt by two weeks of age.

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Global. All rights reserved.

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