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Veterinary Medicine : A Research Guide: Websites

Online and print resources for veterinary information -- topics include organizations, apps, animal groups, diseases, diagnosis, anesthesia, emergency medicine, nutrition, bites/stings/envenomation, toxic plants

Veterinary Websites

a baby Western lowland Gorilla gets an exam

Western lowland gorilla Joanne, delivered by c-section. At two days old, Joanne was successfully treated for a collapsed lung by a team of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance veterinary and animal care staff, with the assistance of a human neonatal specialist and anesthesiologist from UC San Diego Health Systems. © San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: This site is maintained by the SDZWA Library for the use of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance staff and volunteers. Although we make every attempt to provide accurate information, some of the resources and links may become outdated. If you have suggestions for updates or additional resources, we welcome your feedback.

Websites : Anesthesia & Restraint

Websites : Birds

Websites : Bites, Stings, Envenomation


Overviews from 
Medscape Reference (requires free registration):


Websites : Diagnostic Aids

Websites: Diseases & Epidemiology

Websites : Emergency Medicine

Websites : General Veterinary Information & Portals

Websites : Mammals




Websites : Nutrition

Websites : Pharmacology

Websites : Toxic Plants

Websites : Zoo Veterinary Medicine

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