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Sperm Atlas: Birds

The Sperm Atlas illustrates and describes sperm morphology from animals at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and other organizations. The database was created and curated by the SDZWA Reproductive Sciences team.


Puaiohi sperm

Puaiohi (Myadestes palmeri) sperm. Credit: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. All rights reserved.

The Sperm Atlas is a sperm morphology database highlighting sperm cells collected from animals at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and other contributing organizations. It was created by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Reproductive Sciences team. The portal is maintained by SDZWA Reproductive Sciences and the SDZWA Library.

Anseriformes - Common Name A-Z

Ciconiiformes - Common Name A-Z

Columbiformes - Common Name A-Z

Galliformes- Common Name A-Z

Gruiformes- Common Name A-Z

Passeriformes - Common Name A-Z

Pelecaniformes - Common Name A-Z

Other - Common Name A-Z

Anseriformes - Scientific Name A-Z

Ciconiiformes - Scientific Name A-Z

Columbiformes - Scientific Name A-Z

Galliformes - Scientific Name A-Z

Gruiformes - Scientific Name A-Z

Passeriformes - Scientific Name A-Z

Pelecaniformes - Scientific Name A-Z

Other - Scientific Name A-Z