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Collared Lemur (Eulemur collaris) Fact Sheet: Managed Care

Life in Managed Care

Breeding (from Becker and Ferrie 2014)

  • Program begun in mid 1960s
    • Undertaken by Duke Lemur Center
  • Reproduction inconsistent since founding
    • Birth rate low
      • c. 2 births per year on average

History in Managed Care

History in Managed Care

  • Europe
    • Historical notes
      • A male cared for at the Paris museum in 1812 was likely the type specimen first used to describe this lemur species (Hill 1953)
  • North America (from Becker 2013 unless otherwise noted)
    • Breeding efforts in managed care
      • First birth in 1964
        • A male born at Duke Lemur Center (DLC)
      • DLC led efforts to understand reproduction in this species
        • All births between 1964 and 1991 were at this facility
      • Breeding success markedly improved in the early to mid-1980s (Becker and Ferrie 2014)

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZG)

  • Historical notes
    • Few members of this species housed at SDZG (from Becker 2012; ZIMS 2015)
      • First individual in the early 1950s
        • This male was among the very first representatives of this species under care at a zoological facility within the United States
      • No other (known) members of this species at SDZG for another 6 decades (in 2013)
        • Most “brown lemurs” at SDZ belonged to the species Eulemur flavus
        • The zoo has also cared for E. albifrons, E. macaco

Collared Lemur

a female Collared lemur

Collared lemur in the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Image credit: © Marie Hale at Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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