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Extinct Large-headed Llama (Hemiauchenia macrocephalus) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat

Extinct Large-headed Llama (Hemiauchenia macrocephalus)

How Do We Know This?

Paleontologists use knowledge of the earth's rocks, global plate tectonic movements, ancient ecosystems, and the chemical process of fossilization to make sense of fossil distribution patterns and ancient habitats.


  • Florida, Texas, Great Plains states in U.S., South America including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay. (Honey et al 1998) (Scherer et al 2007)
  • In California: rare at La Brea deposits, more common in San Joaquin Valley, Mojave Desert, possibly in Anza Borrego Desert (Webb 2006) (Shaw 2001).


  • Like modern camels, adapted to open spaces and dry land.

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