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Douc Langurs (Pygathrix spp.) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat

Douc Langurs (Pygathrix spp.)


  • Thirteen primate species inhabit Vietnam.
    • Seven are endangered.
    • Pygathrix nemaeus one of the most endangered.
    • The red-shanked Douc langur (P. n. nemaeus) is one of five colobine monkey species found only in Vietnam and Laos.
  • The distribution of the Douc langur is from Nghe An Province in the north to Tay Ninh Province in the south (500-1000m altitude).
  • Little information about status in Laos but estimated in the thousands (Duckworth, personal communication to Nadler).
    • Numbers are much higher than those for Vietnam.
  • The black-shanked douc (P. n. nigripes) is found in southern Vietnam and Cambodia.
    • Da Lat/Di Linh Plateau in South Vietnam is the center of its distribution.
  • The grey-shanked douc (P. n.cinereus) is found in the southern part of the Annam Highlands (an area isolated from the other 2 subspecies)
  • Subspecies occur together (are sympatric) throughout Vietnam's Central Highlands.


  • Recent surveys have found them to be widespread and occupying a variety of habitats
  • Multiple types of primary and secondary forest habitats: Semi evergreen hill forests, submontane evergreen forests, mixed deciduous forests, mixed evergreen podocarp forests, mosaics of primary evergreen forests, and closed broadleaved tropical forests.
  • Medium and high altitudes.

Douc Langers Distribution

Douc Langurs distribution map

Douc langurs are found in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

Adapted from according to IUCN fact sheets.

Click each species' name for its detailed distribution map from
Red-shanked Douc Langur, P. nemaeus
Gray-shanked Douc Langur, P. cinerea
Black-shanked Douc Langur, P. nigripes

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