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Extinct Daggett's Eagle (Buteogallus daggetti) Fact Sheet: Behavior & Ecology

Extinct Daggett's Eagle (Buteogallus daggetti)

Interspecies Interactions

  • The extinction of many large birds of prey, especially scavengers, in the Pleistocene may have been related to extinction of large mammals (no carrion left to feed upon). (Steadman and Martin 1984)
  • Daggett's Eagles may have been scavengers (Steadman and Martin 1984), although some researchers think a purely scavenging lifestyle is not likely (Olson 2007)
  • Daggett's Eagles may have depended on large grazing animals for habitat--that kept grassland habitats open (Olson 2007)
  • The Savannah Hawk, which closely resembles the Daggett's Eagle in body proportions, is attracted to the edge of fires as many smaller species flee (Ferguson-Lees and Christie 2001). Did Daggett's Eagles have the same behavior? (Olson 2007)

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