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Extinct Daggett's Eagle (Buteogallus daggetti) Fact Sheet: Physical Characteristics

Extinct Daggett's Eagle (Buteogallus daggetti)

Physical Characteristics

Body measurements

Weight 3,000 g (6.6 lb) (Olson 2007)
Length 64-90 cm (31 in) measured from top of head to tip of tail (Olson 2007) (Ferguson-Lees & Christie 2001)
Tail Length 26-32.2 cm (11 in), measured from base to tip
Wingspan 169-196 cm (71 in) measured as natural spread

General Appearance


  •  A large bird of prey resembling the modern Savanna Hawk of South America with a body mass slightly greater than that of a African Secretary bird (Olson 2007)


  •   Unknown

Sexual Dimorphism

  • Females presumed slightly larger than males

Other Physical and Physiological Characteristics

  • Long slender legs
    • Probably often used on the ground for walking and securing prey (Miller 1915) (Olson 2007)
    • Would have looked like "an eagle on stilts" (Miller 1915)
  • Legs have points of strong muscle attachment far up the shaft of the long tarsus
    • This reflects reduced lifting capacity, but enhanced walking ability (Miller 1915) (Olson 2007)

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