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Gelada (Theropithecus gelada) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat


Central Ethiopian Plateau (from Bergman and Beehner 2013 unless otherwise noted)

  • Tigre, Begemdir, Wolle, and Shoa Provinces
  • Distributional bounds
    • The Blue Nile to the west and the Wabe Shebelle valley to in the south (Gippoliti and Hunter 2008)

Three regional populations

  • Primary population
    • Theropithecus gelada obscurus
    • South of Lake Tana and east of the Takkazzé River (Gippoliti and Hunter 2008)
  • Smaller, secondary population
    • T. g. gelada
    • North of Lake Tana and west of the Takkazzé River (Gippoliti and Hunter 2008)
  • Isolated population in the Arsi region
    • Along the Wabi-Shebeli River (Gippoliti and Hunter 2008)

Historical distribution

  • Broad geographic Theropithecus spp footprint
    • African, southern Europe, and the Indian subcontinent; based on fossil remnants
    • African range (Delson et al. 1993; Hughes et al. 2008)
      • Northern, Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa; numerous fossils representing 5 proposed species
      • Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire, South Africa
    • Southern European (Jolly 2013)
      • Southern Italy; fossil remnant of cervical vertebra (Rook et al. 2004)
      • Southeastern Spain; fossilized teeth (Gilbert et al. 1995)
      • Inhabited the region c. 1.6-1.3 million years ago (Ma) (Rook et al. 2004)
    • Indian subcontinent (Delson 1993; Delson et al. 1993)
      • Ropar district, Punjab' province; fossilized fragments of a jaw and teeth
      • Age of fossils unclear


High montane grasslands

  • Associated with rocky gorges, precipices, and moorland (Gippoliti and Hunter 2008)
    • Sharp escarpment edges provide sleeping sites and refuge from predators (Bergman and Beehner 2013)
  • Grassland plateaus
    • Known locally as high Wurch or Puna grassland steppe (Gippoliti and Hunter 2008)

Elevation range (from Bergman and Beehner 2013)

  • 2,400-4,200 m (7,874-13,780 ft)
    • Though found in some areas at lower (to 1,700 m or 5577 ft) and higher (4,600 m or 15,092 ft) elevations
    • Restricted to high elevations where food (grass) is available

Annual precipitation (from Bergman and Beehner 2013)

  • 1100-1500 mm (43-59 in)
  • Year-round surface water resources

Temperature (from Bergman and Beehner 2013)

  • Mean daily highs
    • 7-16oC (45-61oF)
  • Large daily temperature range
    • c. 25oC (c. 77oF)
      • Commonly below freezing at night

Distribution Map

Geleda map

Gelada distribution. Adapted from according to IUCN fact sheet. Click here or on map for detailed distribution (IUCN).

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