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Blue-eyed Black Lemur (Eulemur flavifrons) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat


Northwestern Madagascar (from Andriaholinirina et al. 2014 unless otherwise noted)

  • Limited distribution
    • Sahamalaza Peninsula and adjacent mainland
      • Mainland population confined to a narrow stretch of forest
        • Extending from near Befotaka in the south to the Manongarivo mountains in the north
        • Bound by rivers to the south, east, and north
          • Maevarano River serves as the southern boundary
          • Sandrakota River serves as the eastern boundary
          • Portions of the Andranomalaza River serve as the northern boundary

Hybrid zone (from Meyers et al. 1989; Mittermeier et al. 2010 unless otherwise noted)

  • Mates with Eulemur macaco (the black lemur)north of the Andranomalaza River
    • Regions of the Manongarivo mountains and in the foothills of the southern Sambirano (including in the Manongarivo Special Reserve)
    • Appearance of hybrids (from Meyers et al. 1989; Rabarivola et al. 1991; Schwitzer et al. 2013)
      • Resemble E. flavifrons though eyes are light brown
        • Lack ear tufts of E. macaco


Forest inhabitant (from Andriaholinirina et al. 2014 unless otherwise noted)

  • Disturbed primary and secondary tropical forests; sub-humid forests
    • Regionally within the transition zone between the Sambirano region in the north and the western dry deciduous forest in the south

Climate (from Schwitzer et al. 2007b)

  • Region characterized by distinctive seasonal climate patterns
    • Dry season lasts from May to October
      • Coolest temperatures typically in August
    • Rainy season lasts November-April
      • Warmest temperatures typically in November
      • Most rain falls January-February
  • Mean annual precipitation
    • 1,600 mm (c. 63 in)
  • Temperature range
    • 20.6-32.0oC (69-90 oF) (maximum and minimum averages)

Elevation range

  • 0-1,200 m (0-3,937 ft) (Andriaholinirina et al. 2014)

Distribution Map

distribution map blue-eyed black lemur

Blue-eyed black lemur distribution.

Adapted from according to IUCN fact sheet. Click here or on map for detailed distribution (IUCN).

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