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Extinct Dwarf Pronghorn (Capromeryx minor) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat

Extinct Dwarf Pronghorn (Capromeryx minor)

How Do We Know This?

Paleontologists use knowledge of the earth's rocks, global plate tectonic movements, ancient ecosystems, and the chemical process of fossilization to make sense of fossil distribution patterns and ancient habitats.


  • For the species, Capromeryx minor: California, Texas, New Mexico (Davis 2007)
    • For all the species of Capromeryx: Arizona, California, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Mexico (Davis 2007)


  • Grassy plains with clusters of trees and shrubs; open grassy uplands (Kurtén & Anderson 1980)
  • Need trees or tall vegetation for refuge. (Murray 2006)

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