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Guanaco (Lama guanicoe) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat


Native to: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru

Distribution: Found from sea level to 12,800 ft (4300 m)  Rarely 16,000 ft (5,300 m)

  • Argentina: range covers most of Patagonia but is highly fragmented.
    • Restricted to western half of central and northern Argentina, along the pre-Andes and Andean mountains to Bolivian border (Baigún et al. 2007).
  • Chile: most are concentrated in the Magallanes and Aysén regions in the south (highest number on Tierra del Fuego island) and Tarapaca region in the north.
  • Bolivia - remnant population in the Chaco region (Cuéllar and Fuentes 2000). Some in southern highlands between Potosi and Chuquisaca (Nuñez, unpublished data).
  • Paraguay - remnant population in the northwestern Chaco (Villalba 2004).
  • Peru - northernmost part of guanaco distribution.


From Atacama in Chile (one of the world’s driest deserts) to Tierra del Fuego (year-round rain).

Occupy 4 of South America’s 10 habitat types (Dinerstein)

  • Desert and xeric shrub lands
  • Montane grasslands
  • Grasslands, savannas and shrub landsTemperate forests

Distribution Map

Guanaco distribution

Guanaco distribution.

Adapted from according to IUCN fact sheet
Click here or on map for detailed distribution (IUCN)

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