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Mangshan Pit Viper (Protobothrops mangshanensis) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat

Mangshan Pit Viper (Protobothrops mangshanensis)


  • The Mangshan pit viper is known only from Mangshan Mountain and surrounding areas in Hunan Province, China. (Zhao & Alder 1993)
  • Pit viper species are found around the world in temperate and tropical climates (Ernst & Zug 1996):
    • There are 17 species of pit vipers in North America
    • 89 species in Latin America
    • 1 in Europe and the Middle East
    • None in Africa
    • 44 in Asia
    • None in Australia or Pacific Islands


  • Mature forested areas at elevations of 700-1300 m (2300-4300 ft) (Zhao & Alder 1993) (Boyer 2010)
    • Steep and wet terrain
    • Typical flora includes maple, camphor, oak, evergreen conifers, catalpa, bamboo, azalea
  • Winter temperatures down to freezing; average in January about 5° C (41° F) (Boyer 2010)
  • Undisturbed forest preferred

Mangshan Pit Viper Distribution

Mangshan Pit Viper distribution

The Mangshan pit viper is only found in southeast China.

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