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Mountain Yellow-legged Frog (Rana muscosa) Fact Sheet: Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Snout/Vent Length* 2.20 inches (56 mm) 2.52 inches (64 mm)
Weight 0.74 ounces (21 g) 1.16 ounces (33 g)

*Relatively small frog: Snout/vent length is 1.5"-3" (from tip of snout to base of backbone to cloaca).
Snout vent length decreases as you move up in elevation.

General Appearance

Skin color and pattern

  • Variable skin pattern and coloration on back
  • Brown, yellow, gray, greenish-brown covered with dark spots and mottling
  • Throat white or yellow with mottling
  • Ventral surface of legs yellow
    • Juveniles may have less color

Eyes and tympanum

  • Iris is gold with horizontal black stripe
  • "Ears" (tympanic membranes) sense vibration as well as airbourne sound

Sexual Dimorphism

  • Females tend to be larger
  • Males with nuptial pads during breeding season
    • Extensions on forefeet
    • Allow male to grasp female during copulation


  • Breathing
    • Tadpoles have gills
    • Adult frogs have paired lungs
    • Can breathe through entire skin surface
      • Thin, permeable skin
      • Mucous-producing glands aid oxygen consumption and provide protection
  • Osmoregulation
    • Water absorbed through skin; drinking is unnecessary
    • Water is constantly expelled by kidneys
  • Skeleton has both bony and cartilaginous components

Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog

Mountain Yellow-legged frog in grass

Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog (Rana muscosa).

This frog carries a small radio transmitter, enabling researchers to track its movements.

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. All rights reserved.

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