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Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat

Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)


(Hawkins et al. 2008, except as noted) 

  • Tasmania
    • On Bruny Island off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania until around 1900
    • Presently on Robbins Island off the north-west coast of Tasmania
  • Re-introduced to mainland Australia in 2020
  • Populations are continuous across Tasmania, but northwestern individuals are genetically distinct from rest of Tasmania (Jones et al. 2004)


(Hawkins et al. 2008) 

  • Found in all native terrestrial habitats of Tasmania
  • Elevation: sea level to about 1,500 m (4,921 ft)
  • Most abundant in:
    • Open eucalyptus forests
    • Woodlands
    • Coastal scrub
  • Population densities low in (Jones et al. 2004):
    • Dense wet forests
    • Low heath lands
    • Alpine uplands
    • Open grasslands
    • Cleared farmland
  • Make dens in (Owen & Pemberton 2005):
    • Old wombat burrows
    • Riparian vegetation
    • Thick bunch grasses (tussocks)
    • Caves
  • Avoid:
    • Steep slopes
    • Rocky areas

Tasmanian Devil Distribution

Tasmanian Devil distribution

The Tasmanian devil occurs—as you would guess—in Tasmania.

A small population was reintroduced to mainland Australia in 2020.

Adapted from according to IUCN fact sheet. Click here or on map for detailed distribution (IUCN).

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