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Bateleur (Terathopius ecaudatus) Fact Sheet: Managed Care

Terathopius ecaudatus, Bateleur

History of Managed Care

North America

  • Early historical notes (from ZIMS 2015)
    • First Bateleur within a North American zoo
      • 1917; Philadelphia Zoo

San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG)

  • Historical notes (from ZIMS 2015)
    • First Bateleur in 1924
      • Cared for at the zoo until 1955
      • Lifespan > 33 years
    • Few individuals housed throughout SDZG’s history
      • 10 individuals between 1924 and 2014
    • No births have yet occurred at SDZG
  • Current population (from ZIMS 2015)
    • No current holdings

Long-lived in Managed Care

Bateleur at the San Diego Zoo

A Bateleur makes its home at the San Diego Zoo.

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Global. All rights reserved.

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