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Bateleur (Terathopius ecaudatus) Fact Sheet: Population & Conservation Status

Terathopius ecaudatus, Bateleur

Population Status

Global population

  • "Tens of thousands" (BirdLife International 2016)
  • Population trend: decreasing (BirdLife International 2016)
  • 180,000 possible; including adults and immatures (Ferguson-Lees and Christie 2001)
    • Estimate based on a population density estimation of 150 individuals/km2 (or c. 388 individuals/mi2)
    • Numbers likely smaller, possibly c. 100,000

Conservation Status

IUCN status

  • Near Threatened (2016 assessment) (Birdlife International 2016)
    • Numbers suspected to have undergone moderate to rapid declines in the past 41 years (3 generations)
    • Approaching the threshold for classification as vulnerable

CITES status

Other status

  • South African Red Data Book
    • Listed as vulnerable (Barnes 2000; Brooke 1984)

Threats to Survival

Incidental poisoning and pollution (from BirdLife International 2012)

  • Poisoning is the most significant contributor to declines
    • Primarily attributed to a few large-scale commercial farmers
    • Smaller impacts traced to tribal, small-stock farming communities

Habitat loss (from BirdLife International 2012)

  • Increased proximity of nests to human settlement may impact reproductive success

Trapping for international trade (BirdLife International 2012)

Management Actions

Needed actions (from BirdLife International 2012)

  • Implement education and awareness campaigns
    • Necessary across its range to reduce the use of poisoned baits

Where Do Bateleurs Stand?


Bateleur populations are experiencing declines and are considered Near Threatened.

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. All rights reserved.

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