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Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) Fact Sheet: Managed Care

Managed Care

Historical perspective of managed care

  • First record of rhinoceros being exhibited
    • Third century BC, first written records
    • Displayed by the Romans
    • Sporadic exhibitions continued through the 3rd century AD
  • First  through 14th century AD
    • 6th (N. Africa) and 16th-17th centuries (Near East)
      • Sporadic records of managed care.
    • Rhinos often given as gifts in China

Modern historical notes

  • First black rhino in a zoological facility
    • 1868; black rhino in managed care in a European zoo
  • First birth in managed care
    • 1941; Chicago Brookfield Zoo

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

  • Historical notes
    • San Diego Zoo
      • 1952, first black rhino housed at the San Diego Zoo
      • 1992, first black rhino birth
    • San Diego Zoo Safari Park
      • 1976, first black rhino birth

Important Births

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has a successful breeding program for the Critically Endangered black rhino.

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Long History of Rhinos in Managed Care

Black Rhino in caprivity

Black Rhinoceros at the Chester Zoo.

 Image credit: © NIgel Swales from Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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