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Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat

Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus)


  • Wide distribution in arid areas of inland Australia (Dawson 1995)
  • Red kangaroos do not live north of latitude 14° S because the climate is too wet
  • Range has increased since 1800 due to human activities (Tyndale-Biscoe 2005)
    • Irrigation and providing water for livestock (which kangaroos use as well)
    • Clearing woodland for livestock and agriculture (makes new open spaces kangaroos can use)
  • Red kangaroos share habitats with eastern grey and western grey kangaroos in eastern New South Wales (Tyndale-Biscoe 2005)


  • Preferred habitats: open grassy plains with scattered trees for shade and shelter (Dawson 1995)
  • Other habitats used
    • Mulga and mallee scrub
    • Saltbush shrubland
    • Arid grassland
    • Desert
  • Tolerate extreme heat
    • Temperature at one study site in New South Wales: 44.4° C (111° F)

Red Kangaroo Distribution

Red Kangaroo distribution

Red kangaroos are found through much of Australia.

Adapted from according to IUCN fact sheet. Click here or on map for detailed distribution (IUCN).

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