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ARLIS Hidden Collections: Historic Fishery

State & Federal Agency Reports in ARLIS

ARLIS is the repository for natural and cultural resource agencies in Alaska. The vast majority of these agency reports and publications can be found in the library catalog

However, the following collection has not been catalogued. 

Please contact ARLIS reference staff at for assistance with this collection. 

ADF&G Annual Management Reports (Commercial Fisheries)

Location: Special Collections

Since Alaska-statehood in 1959, this regionally-based series from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game compiled data in a cumulative manner for catch, escapement, economic factors, and fishery management policies for each regional commercial fishery. 

The reports, prepared for the Board of Fisheries, were not widely distributed and ARLIS has the most complete collection in the state. The information is meant for a general audience and is often used by consultants and industry watchers to compare fisheries from one year to another.

The reports are shelved by geographic region from east to west across Alaska and by year within geographic region.

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