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Anegada Iguana (Cyclura pinguis) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat

Anegada Iguana (Cyclura pinguis)


  • Modern iguanids are New World lizards found on: (Wiens & Hollingsworth 2000).
    • Three groups of Pacific Islands
    • In western North America to Brazil
    • In the West Indies
  • Iguanas in the Cyclura genus inhabit only islands in West Indies in Caribbean Sea. (Malone & Davis 2004)
  • Cyclura pinguis:
    • Anegada Island in British Virgin Islands in West Indies.
    • Introduced to Guana, Necker, Norman Islands (British Virgin Islands) (Bradley & Gerber 2005) to secure a second population and aid the species' recovery
    • In prehistoric times, found across land mass that included today's Puerto Rico and many associated islands (Puerto Rico Bank). (Pregill 1981)
    • Associated with Native American middens on St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands) (Bradley & Gerber 2005)


  • Anegada Island is a coral limestone island, 38 km sq. (14.7mi sq.)
    • Flat, low lying landscape, up to 8.5 m (28 ft) in elevation (Perry & Gerber 2006)
    • About 100 full-time human residents on the island
    • Xerophylic vegetation, adapted to low water conditions
  • Two habitats for C. pinguis iguanas: (Bradley & Gerber 2005)
    • Sandy scrub with woody shrubs, grasses, and a few trees
      • Vegetation can be dense
      • Iguanas dig burrows here rather than use holes already present
    • Rocky woodland
      • Limestone bedrock with eroded solution holes used for retreats; favored by iguanas
      • Small shrubs, tall mature trees, cacti
  • Iguana population mostly in core area of 3 km sq (1.2 mi sq) on north coast of Anegada Island

Anegada Iguana Distribution

Anegada Iguanas live on one small island in the Virgin Islands (Caribbean Sea).

Anegada Iguanas live on one small island in the Virgin Islands (Caribbean Sea).

Above map adapted from Click here or on map for enlarged map view.

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