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Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas) Fact Sheet: Diet & Feeding

Diet and Feeding

Feeding habit

  • Primarily vegetarian, though omnivorous (Kummer 1968a; Kummer 1968b; Kummer 1995; Schreier 2010; Sigg and Stolbe 1981; Zinner et al. 2001)

Diet varies regionally

  • Africa
    • Grass seeds
    • Roots of Boerhavia repens
    • Berries of Grewia bushes
    • Acacia flowers (in rainy season)
    • Acacia leaves and acacia pods (in dry season)
  • Arabia
    • Similar to diet in Africa
    • Often feed at city waste facilities (Kummer et al. 1985)
  • Fruit and young shoots of opuntia cactus (where introduced)
  • Nuts of the doum palm tree (Hyphaene thebaica)
  • See Schreier (2010) for a detailed study on diet of baboons in the Filoha palm forests in Awash National Park, Ethiopia

Rarely carnivorous (Kummer 1995)

  • Prey on hare or dik-dik antelope
  • Locusts when they swarm

May eat agricultural grains (Biquand et al. 1992; Kummer 1968b; Zinner et al. 2001)


hamadryas baboon with young, feeding

Hamadryas baboon feeding, with young. South Lakes Wild Animal Park, UK.

Image credit: © Tony Roberts at Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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