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Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas) Fact Sheet: Managed Care

Life in Managed Care

Historical Records

  • North America
    • 1901: earliest record of Hamadryas Baboon in an American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) facility
      •  A single male housed at the Washington Park Zoological Society

History at San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

  • Herman Ruhe brought two Hamadryas Baboons to the San Diego Zoo in 1922
    • A male, named Wahoo, and a female, unnamed
    • Wahoo fathered two babies at the the San Diego Zoo
      • The first on June 28, 1931; followed by a sibling on February 7, 1932
  • Between 1931 and 1978, 27 babies born
    • One, named Old Lady, lived for 45 years
      • Mother to 10 babies
  • 2017: Hamadryas Baboons join the San Diego Zoo's exhibit, Africa Rocks!
    • Prior to this, the San Diego Zoo last housed Hamadrays Baboons in 1981

Zoo's New Troop

Hamadryas baboons instantly became a "guest favorite" when Africa Rocks! opened at the San Diego Zoo in 2017.

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