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Common Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) Fact Sheet: Population & Conservation Status

Population Status

Global population estimates

  • Unknown (Melletti and Meijaard 2018)
  • Current population trend: decreasing (de Jong et al. 2016)
  • Southern Africa
    • At least 22,250 (Swanepoel et al. 2016)

Conservation Status


  • Least Concern (2016 assessment) (de Jong et al. 2016)
    • Widespread and often locally abundant
    • High reproductive rate
    • Expanding range in South Africa
    • Most populations declining


  • Not listed (UNEP 2019)
    • Low levels of international trade in live warthogs and warthog products (Vercammen and Mason 1993)

Threats to Survival

Susceptible to drought and hunting (from Cumming 2008)

  • May lead to localized extinctions

Management Actions

No known conservation measures

  • Present in numerous protected areas across its range (Cumming 2008)

Recommended action

  • Collect additional data on distribution and population status (Vercammen and Mason 1993)
    • Ongoing research conducted by Y. A. de Jong and T. M. Butynski focuses on desert and common warthogs (WPSG)
      • Collect new ecological and behavioral data
      • Assess distribution and abundance in Kenya
      • Establish baseline data against which long-term trends can be determined and evaluated
      • Reassess conservation needs
  • Breeding in managed care
    • Proposed breeding program for Phacochoerus africanus aeliani subspecies (the Eritrean warthog); to safeguard this regionally threatened form (Grubb 1993)
  • Taxonomic research to assess subspecific designations (Grubb 1993)
  • Monitor trade in bushmeat and ivory (Vercammen and Mason 1993)

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