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Jaguar (Panthera onca) Fact Sheet: Managed Care

History of Managed Care

Breeding in Managed Care Settings

  • Modern zoos focus on "pure species"
    • Avoid hybridization
    • Care focused on conservation and maintaining genetically "pure" species
  • History of hybridization, in managed care
    • Crossed and back-crossed with the leopard
      • Jaguar karyotype almost identical to that of a leopard
      • Fertility of hybrids
        • Female offspring known to be fertile
        • Male hybrid fertility unrecorded
    • Jaguars may breed with lions
      • Known from an accidental breeding in 2006; Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (Ontario, Canada)
      • Cubs may be spotted or melanistic (all black)
    • Hybrid naming conventions
      • Lepjag
        • Generic term for the hybrid offspring between leopards and jaguars
      • Leguar
        • Offspring of male leopard and female jaguar
        • Many bred as animal actors (more easily trained than jaguars)
      • Jagupard
        • Offspring of a male jaguar and a female leopard
        • One jagupard bred at Hellbrun Zoo, Salzburg, Austria
      • Jaglion
        • Offspring of a male jaguar and a female lion
      • Congolese Spotted Lion ("lijagulep")
        • Offspring of a lepjag/lion cross which occurred in 1908

History of Managed Care

San Diego Zoo Global

Current population

  • San Diego Zoo
    • 3 individuals, as of April 2015
      • 2 males; 1 female
      • Female, Nindiri gave birth to a male cub in March of 2015
  • San Diego Zoo Safari Park
    • None currently in care at the park

Jaguar Cub

Jaguar cub and mom

Jaguar cub born at San Diego Zoo in March, 2015.

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Global. All rights reserved.

Jaguar Enrichment at San Diego Zoo

Jaguar and a bloodscicle

Heart-shaped bloodsicles (frozen beef blood, beef hearts, and pieces of meet) were given to the Jaguar family as a special enrichment on Valentine's Day

Image credit: © San Diego Zoo Global. All rights reserved



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