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Plains Zebra (Equus quagga) Fact Sheet: Managed Care

History in Managed Care

History in managed care

  • European zoos
    • Long history of zebras (of various species) exhibited in zoological collections
      • As early as 1817 in Germany; the menagerie of Duke Karl (Kisling 2001)
      • Antwerp Zoo constructed an Egyptian "temple" (1856) to house elephant, giraffe, and zebra (Kisling 2001)
  • North American zoos
    • 1875: 1st zoological holding of a plains zebra (Their 2013)
      • Among the first animals to be included at the Philadelphia Zoo (DeLeon 1999)
    • 1896: 1st captive birth
  • The quagga (subspecies) in managed care
    • Extinct in the wild c.1878; due to extensive hunting (Balouet Alibert 1990; Bryden 1889; Harley et al. 2009; Rau 1974)
      • A few were maintained in zoological collections, including: Amsterdam Zoo, Berlin Zoo, Jardin des Plantes, and London Zoo (Bryden 1889; Rau 1974)
    • Last surviving members of the species
      • A female at the Berlin Zoo died in 1875 (Balouet Alibert 1990; Duncan and Groves 2013; Rau 1974)
      • Final member of the species died at the Amsterdam Zoo in 1883 (Balouet Alibert 1990; Duncan and Groves 2013; Rau 1974)
    • Selective breeding program in South Africa to "re-make" the quagga pelage pattern; recent effort (Harley et al. 2009)

Current North American Population

263 individuals, as of Jan. 1, 2015 (from ZIMS 2015; J Register, personal communication)

  • 76 males, 185 females, and 2 juveniles
    • Distributed among 58 Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) institutions

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Historical notes (ISIS 2014)

  • First plains zebra on exhibit with SDZG
    • 1924, San Diego Zoo
  • First birth
    • 1943, San Diego Zoo
  • Subspecies within historical collection
    • Members of 3 subspecies Burchell's, Grant's, and Chapman's zebras

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