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North American Ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) Fact Sheet: Distribution & Habitat


Broadly distributed in U.S. and Mexico (from Nowak 1999 unless otherwise noted)

  • Western North America
    • Southwestern Oregon south through California, and Baja California, Mexico
  • Southwestern U.S.
    • Arizona and Nevada south and east to Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
  • Mexico
    • Most of Mexico
    • Southern-most populations reach Acapulco, Jalapa, and Oaxaca

Introduced populations

  • Reports north and east of Kansas; likely resulting from human transport (Zeveloff 2002)

Overlap among Bassariscus species

  • B. sumichrasti found in southern-most regions of the ringtail's distribution (ITIS 2013)


Varied habitat (summarized from Nowak 1999; Poglayen-Neuwall 1990; Zeveloff 2002)

  • Commonly near water (Lacy 1983; Belluomini 1983)
  • Semi-arid desert, scrub
  • Rock plateau and canyon
  • Riparian zones
  • Semi-oak forest
  • Evergreen forest
  • Meadows of Sacramento River in central California

Habitat Associations

  • Commonly in areas with vertical rock faces (Nowak 1999; Poglayen-Neuwall 1990; Zeveloff 2002)
  • Often near water (Lacy 1983; Belluomini 1983)

Altitudinal range

  • 0-3000 m (0-9600 ft) (Nowak 1999; Poglayen-Neuwall 1990; Zeveloff 2002)

Adapts well to urban edges (Nowak 1999; Poglayen-Neuwall 1990; Zeveloff 2002)

Distribution Map

Ringtail distribution

Ringtail distribution.

Click on map for detailed distribution. Map credit: IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, species assessors, and authors of the spatial data, via Wikimedia Commons. Some rights reserved.

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